‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’

– Gianni Versace

Luxurious Craving is an online retailer/wholesaler aimed to provide quality branded goods at below market prices. Now after 3 years in the market, we are slowly expanding its reach to neighbouring regions such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and then the rest of the world. The company which started as a one-man show, has now grown and foster to a steady number of 10 people.

Luxurious Craving started off from many humble beginnings. Founder KM Lee was brought up in a poverty-stricken household where basic necessities were never taken for granted, especially clothing. The in and out struggles of KM’s life brought him to learn and appreciate great product quality. He was amazed that his “first” pair of Levis jeans (which was donated to him through a relief organization) still lasted until today, as compared to other regular apparels he received. He was also curious how apparels of the same kind outlasted the other; which he then finds out all these were due to quality materials, workmanship and handling of the product. The love for quality apparels continues within his adolescence years where he was awarded a full-scholarship to study at Drake University, Des Moines, USA where he was a first-class graduate in International Business and Commerce.

Unsatisfied with his job as a business analyst at a Fortune 1000 company, he left the company a little under 3 months. Still fuelled by the desire to provide quality apparels to his people, he feels that there were unsolved problems back home. Therefore, he returned to Malaysia in 2011 and finally established Luxurious Craving in 2012.